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The Huntington Park Institute of Applied Medicine (HPIAM) is a small pilot school located on the Linda Esperanza Marquez High School campus in the city of Huntington Park. HPIAM is one of several options within the Huntington Park/Marquez Zone of Choice available to students in the local attendance area. HPIAM provides an environment that allows students, families and school personnel to develop strong connections and stay actively engaged in the educational process.

HPIAM is committed to providing students with a culturally relevant education designed to prepare them for higher education and the world of work. The curriculum provides students opportunities to explore health related careers and professions in the context of a rigorous, standards-based curriculum. Our end goal is to ensure that all HPIAM students graduate, go to college and have the skills necessary to compete effectively in the 21st Century global economy.

  • Graduate: HPIAM students will satisfy all graduation requirements, meet A to G requirements, pass the California High School Exit Exam, demonstrate proficiency in the English language and master California Common Core State Standards.
  • Go to College: HPIAM students will develop an awareness of college admissions requirements, access financial aid information, set post-secondary educational goals, satisfy admissions requirements, take rigorous academic courses, participate in extra-curricular activities to strengthen their application, take admissions exams such as the SAT and ACT, and apply to more than one college or post-secondary education program.
  • Be Competitive: HPIAM students will practice leadership and organization, develop effective oral and written communication skills, possess emotional intelligence, collaborate across different networks, employ their knowledge to inform and influence others, as well as use logical, strategic and creative thinking to generate new solutions to problems.